Twitter for “normal” guys

I am a normal guy. Not someone who has profession blogging. Not a startup guy. Not a businessman. Just a guy who cares for his friends. See how twitter helps a normal guy:

Some of my friends live in bangalore.

And today, someone tweets there’s been bomb blasts in bangalore!
What do I do? How do I confirm the news?

I google for it… but there’s no news already. I search for “bangalore” and “bomb blast”, but nada.
I look at news sites: Reuters, Yahoo news, google news, but to no avail.

So I go to and search for bangalore and I instantly get all the news I want to.

I SMS my friends in bangalore and confirm all is fine.

The result: I luv u twitter šŸ˜€

Now, as I type this post, the twitter search page title has changed. I go to the tab and see what happened: around 60 more tweets have appeared containing “bangalore” since I searched. This is 30 mins since I first got the news. I refresh the page, and find that the news sites (CNN-IBN, Reuters and the like) have caught up, 30 mins later.

In the same search results, a new twitter user blastnews has sprung up, is tweeting all the latest news on the tag #bangalore, which is now the hottest on This phenomenon of hyper-connectivity and wild-fire like spread of to-the-moment news is one of the great things that social networks have to offer to a well connected individual. This is also a classic example of how social networks can deliver you content most relevant to you. If I had no contacts in bangalore area, I would not get any news related to that area.

I guess social networks have so much more to offer than just communication…

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