U.S. Playing “Big Daddy” again

Many recent developments have showed just how much bossy the US is getting now-a-days.
Its influence over Pakistan, Its demands over India’s nuclear deal, its defiance of the UN, and so much more!

It has long been playing international police, and now it’s starting to interfere in foreign politics too.

I happened to come across this news today, and what do I read!

The US will “not accept rescheduling of general elections”!
All right! “Don’t agree”, gasbags. You think anybody gives a damn to your supposed “agreement”?! Ha, it’s just like saying “If my neighbour buys a couch, I won’t agree”!!

QOTD: “The US wants to see and elected government … as there is no alternative to democratic rule”
Agreed. No alternative. No better one anyway. Thats way better than not agreeing.

The US really gets on my nerves. If it does that one more time, I won’t agree.

One thought on “U.S. Playing “Big Daddy” again

  1. Absolutely..

    Irks me no end too.


    “Ms. Zia’s release from prison is being delayed due to her demand that her elder son, Tariq Rahman, who has been arrested on corruption charges, should also be freed along with her.”


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