The WordPress smiley named “g”

I wonder if anybody has ever noticed this: At the bottom of every wordpress page, there is a teeny smiley. Not just the blogs, even at the bottom of every page of‘s site.

This is the way they track accesses to their website, and generate stats for themselves, and their bloggers.
I like to call the smiley the “g”. No, not as in great. In fact, the
name “g” is the name that the makers of themselves have
given it…

I inspected the smiley using the Firebug firefox add-on, and guess what I found? It has come from the location “”. See? The little “g”.

A request for the smiley tells the server at that the blog ABC was accessed by DEF, and the post being accessed it GHI.
Then there is another “g” on the page, but its been hidden using “display: none” css. All it contains is a LOOOOOooonng random string.

I wonder if these things can be exploited by hackers to do nasty things. Like increase their stats count. Who knows?

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