Microsoft and my college

Microsoft Corp is coming to my college to select final year students for placement in their company. Also, they say they will be selecting third year students (junior undergrads) for summer internship programs in their company.

The selection procedure is expected to be intense: last year only one guy from our college got selected.

And there’s a twist: if you don’t get a pre-placement offer (PPO) out there when you are at the intern, you won’t be considered for placement next year! (apparantly that’s because they already know how hard-working you are, or are not).

Well, it is well known that I don’t use Microsoft products. I worship ubuntu, but that is largely a matter of personal choice. It is just that I like to have fine grained control over my environment. I want to be able to mix and match components of my UI, to change things I don’t like or add things I miss. That’s all. NO PERSONAL VENDETTA.

So wish me luck guys 🙂

UPDATE: Now the microsoft guys have come and gone, and the details of the event are:

We (the final years and third years) assembled in our college’s hall, and the microsoft guys presented a slide show, explaining how their organisation (in India) is organised, what would be the nature of job at Microsoft, the culture at workplace, the remuneration (this years it Rs. 9.7 lac per year, quite a lot in India) and the selection procedure.

For us third years, there was a written examination (same as the fourth years’) which comprised of the following questions:

  1. There is a circular linked list of numbers which has unknown number of elements. The list is sorted in increasing or decreasing order, but we do not know which. We are given:
    • a node at any position in the list
    • A number to insert in the list

    So we need to write code which can insert the number in the list, in such a way that the order of the list is preserved.

  2. There is parking garage. You know the following about it:
    • If you place a car on the platform and leave, it will be taken in and you will get a token
    • If you insert a token in the slot and pay money, your car will come out.

    You do not have access to internals of the garage. You have to experiment with the garage and try to find out the working of the garage.List some experiments that you would perform on such a garage. Eg: try placing a bike in the platform. If all goes fine, you know you can park bikes in the garage.

  3. You have to develop a piece of code that can be attached to a program like Microsoft Word, which would list the last “N” words of the document in descending order of their occurence, and update the list as the user types. What code would you write? Using pseudo code is fine, just list the basic things you would consider

That’s it! Three questions. 75 minutes. They will judge us on the basis of our answers, and get back to us in about November.

Until then, we cross fingers. And oh, if you know the solutions, please do leave them here!!

4 thoughts on “Microsoft and my college

  1. this year they are testin ur logic
    rather than the prog skills ..
    its package is awesome but microsoft
    name matters the most …

  2. 2 question is gud, u need to think to solve that.
    about 3rd do we have to implement it on the worrd file or a normal text file?
    if it is text file then i think u can do it but regarding the word wile we dont know thw offset size which is used by word doc.
    waise the all question r gud and time is less for doing these if given some more time then they can be answered
    1 question is just given to waste ur time

  3. Well, the second question is actually trying to find out what all you would do to find the working and breaking points in a system…

    About the third one: No, you don’t actually have to implement it… just write things like read_upto_next_word().

    And the first one: I think the first one was the most poignant question of the three. Just think 😉

  4. Referring to the second question, I came up with some…:

    1. What it can store(Like try placing cars, bikes, cycle, trucks, crap stuff and nothing): This way you know what are valid entities for it to store.

    2. How it stores(Try small vs. big car, Invert your car and then see what happen when it comes out): This way we can get the idea how it is storing.

    3. What are its internal conditions(Try placing a thermometer, a photographic film to see if the internal conditions are hot/cold, well lit…): This way we can know what is its internal environment.

    4. Is it robust(Try triggering a bomb to see if the garage can withstand it, flood the garage with water to see i its water proof, place a wireless surveillance system to see if EM waves can pass through it and also can you see inside of it.., try to see if someone else uses you token to get you vehicle): This way we can get an idea of its robustness.

    5. How it is handling money: Try other things like use coin in place of the token to see if it works, duplicate the token to test on other person’s vehicle, try paying with counterfeit notes/money, try not to pay money and use token,..

    6. Timings: Try to park on different days and times to see if working/payment change. Also see the loading/retrieving time for heavy VS light vehicles.

    7. Security: Attack with a bunch of goons to test its security, try stealing few cars/vehicles.

    Is this the way questions were supposed to be answered? Any idea how to write pseudo code.

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