Linux users, beware of NTFS!

Today while trying to install Real Player for linux, I observed a strange thing:

I downloaded RealPlayer11GOLD.bin from, copied the downloaded file to an NTFS drive that I use for all my storage (remnant of my windows days) and tried to execute it thus:

chmod +x ./RealPlayer11GOLD.bin

But strangely enough, I kept getting

bash: ./RealPlayer11GOLD.bin: Permission denied

I was really confused: this file is executable. I’ve just made it executable. So why wouldn’t It execute? I even tried sudo with it.

I googled the problem, but to no avail. I then realized this: THIS IS AN NTFS DRIVE! There are no “file permissions” in this drive!! I copied the file into my home directory (an ext3 drive) and executed the same commands, and voila! It works!!

All the more reason not to use old school NTFS drives on linux.

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