How to get ubuntu? (for the layman)


This is a new thing I am trying out: a screenshot tutorial! I would not write down any text in this series… just a series of pics that would explain the topic “how to get ubuntu”.

go to]

select your mirror

download the correct version

wait for it to finish

verify your download

Alternatively, you can request CDs to be sent to your home. Yea, for real! I know the delivery is pretty quick, but I don’t remember (or know) the number.

how to request cds

give them your mailing address

Of course, you could buy the CDs from Canonical Inc. themselves. Your money will surely help them furter their services and development.

I hope this experiment of mine has been very enjoyable. But I wish to clarify one thing: this is not an insult to your intelligence. This is for those people who can see the obvious but are too shy to do it the right way.

And it also helps me propagate my religion 😉

Cheers! Coming up next: “How to install ubuntu: a painless procedure”

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