How to contribute to the open source community

Open source is so much like a teddy bear. You love it and it loves you so right back. It doesn’t even ask for commitment (wow!), but if you are sensitive enough, you would do a lot for it. I won’t get into what you would do for your teddy bear,

I guess there are basically three things you can do for open source projects:

  • Contribute code to it: This really means coding, bug fixing and the like.
  • Maintain: This means stuff like maintain its public pages, manage its mailing lists and/or its website. But nowadays most of these things are done by websites like sourceforge
  • Donate: Yeah. If you like some open source software but can’t contribute to it the techie way, you can always donate. With big projects like Ubuntu, Firefox etc this would mean buying “branded” products like a coffee mug or a tee shirt. But small projects don’t really know what to do with their money.

And here‘s a great article about this topic I found.

One thought on “How to contribute to the open source community

  1. Excellent posts!
    Can you send me the first few screen shots without your writing on it? Also the second screen shot (which seems to be missing somehow).
    I work with a organisation that works with Tribals in the Nilgiris ( and are thinking of putting together a tamil ubuntu installation guide. We started the move to ubuntu about a year ago, and everything is going smoothly.
    Where are you based?
    Also look at
    Tarsh Thekaekara

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