Free Software – Are You In?

“We have managed to increase our lifespan in a world that is not fit to live in” (from “The Man from Earth”).

This is rather an absurd beginning to an article, but imagine if I were to be sued for quoting from a movie – how completely insane! It would be like being punished for sharing my class notes with a friend (or even worse).

But the state of the software world right now is much like this. Closed source software have managed to grab a popularity for which no reason seems to exist. Such software (non-free) restricts the freedom of the user, and is extremely annoying at times.

So I take this opportunity to encourage all my readers to adopt Free Software instead of non-free ones. For only free software can build a free computing society.

I shall be making a presentation on this topic in my college tomorrow, under the auspices of the Sun Academic Initiative. The presentation itself shall be available here tomorrow.

Until then, stay free.

PS: Coming up next – how to load remote javascripts at “runtime” from the server!

2 thoughts on “Free Software – Are You In?

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