HOW TO: Install Nvidia Graphics Card Driver on Ubuntu Intrepid

I’ve seen many methods on how to install the driver for Nvidia graphics card.
Here’s a method that is almost foolproof, involves no conf file editing, and can be done purely using apt-get package manager.

In case you are wondering, this method installs the “177” driver (the one that is supposed to be “recommended”).

So here goes:

  1. “sudo apt-get install nvidia-177-kernel-source nvidia-glx-177 nvidia-kernel-common nvidia-settings xserver-xorg-video-nv”
  2. Open System > Administration > Hardware Drivers
  3. Select the driver that says “Nvidia accelerated graphics driver 177 [recommended]”
  4. Click the Activate button (at the bottom of the window).
  5. You’re done!

After it completes successfully, you will need to restart your computer. And viola! Your graphics card is ready to use!

7 thoughts on “HOW TO: Install Nvidia Graphics Card Driver on Ubuntu Intrepid

  1. Thanks for the suggestion, but it didn’t work for me. I got an error that stated, “E: Couldn’t find package nvidia-177-kernel-source”. Not sure why. If you find another way around this let me know.

  2. @Orpheus

    Some of thessss packages I’ve listed here (like nvidia-177-kernel-source and nvidia-glx-177) are in the restricted section of the repositories.

    You will have to enable them from System->Administration->Software Sources.

  3. This is a solution which I utilized in order to bypass the package manager which issued a corruption notice whilst attempting a GUI installation; however, after unpacking and installing the recommended driver (177) compiz fusion was operational upon restart; highly recommended resolution which in my opinion is much more convenient than manipulating configuration and kernel modules.

  4. The installation is not writing it towards the correct destination, hence you are unable to rectify the situation, however, more information is required in order to proceed.

    P.s. Are you attempting to boot from a Cd/Thumbdrive or is the OS installed towards your hard disk?

  5. i m also facing the same above problem.i am a newbie.plz tell me what to do after going to software sources.i didnot find anything from where i could authenticate nvidia(remove restriction)

  6. @abhishek

    1. Go to System->Administration->Software Sources
    2. on the first tab (“Ubuntu Software”), tick the third and fourth checkboxes ( “Proprietary drivers for devices(restricted)” and “Software restricted by …(multiverse)” ).
    3. go to the second tab (“Third party software”).
    4. Tick all checkboxes that you see (typically there are two checkboxes).

    Thats it. You don’t really need to add any authentication keys… It’ll just work (it always does!)

  7. i am having similar issues when installing the nvidia graphics card. i have gone through all the necessary channels to download and install but when i click activate under hardware drivers, a window very briefly shows up saying that it is downloading and installing drivier. after that window closes (automatically) it still shows that my driver still is not active.

    any ideas on how i can fix this? thanks in advance.

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