Delicious add-on: Yes No buttons swapped


Originally uploaded by jrharshath

I use the Delicious Official add-on for firefox extensively. I wonder if anyone has noticed this, or reported this to the delicious guys: the icons on the Yes and No buttons in this confirmation dialog are in the wrong place!

Perhaps its because of this: On a yes-no confirmation dialog in windows (yuck!), the Yes button always appears on the left side of the no button. But in linux, its always the reverse.
While writing the addon, if you specify that the button that means should say “Yes” and the “No” one should say “No”, then there won’t be any such glitches.

However, if you specify that the “Left” button should display “Yes”, this problem occurs. The left button is Yes alright, but the icons displayed are decided by the OS. So the icons kind of become OS dependent. Now we don’t want that, do we?