BUG: Timepicker does not display AM/PM on Ubuntu, Datepicker displays an arbitrary “October”

Datepicker and Timepicker Screenshot

Datepicker and Timepicker Screenshot

I recently noticed a little bug in firefox (I don’t know where this belongs, in “xulrunner” or in firefox code itself), and I dutifully report it here:

My friend built an extension for firefox, and I noticed that the timepicker control (in xul) does not display the AM/PM select, neither does it provide a 24 hour clock. (only on Ubuntu).

I live in India, and so it just shows IST instead of AM/PM (see screenshot)

This problem occurs only on Ubuntu (I have not tried other distros). The same firefox extension was displaying AM/PM correctly in Firefox when running on Windows Vista.

The same problem occurred with the datepicker control: it was displaying an arbitrary “October” between the Day number and Month number. (This too, only on ubuntu).

I have reported the bug at bugzilla: https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=479069

I wonder why this is hapenning.

HOW TO: Guest OS Networking in VirtualBox

I am an ubuntu user and I am a web developer. So what do I do when I need to test web applications on IE6 or IE7? I don’t go to some other computer running windows. I run windows in a virtual machine using Virtualbox.

The only hurdle is: how to reach the host OS network from the guest OS network? I scoured the internet for solutions, and I found one that did it in the first go: so here it is.

Now my life is easier. I don’t trouble my friends by asking them to lend me some of their time. I don’t need to interrupt their counter strike or WoW game. I do it on Virtualbox!

BTW, there is this project called ies4linux – a software to install ie 5, 6 and 7 on linux using wine. I tried it, but it somehow didn’t hit the sweet spot. For those of you who want to try, find it here.

Stuff You’d Want on a New Ubuntu Install

I recently had to re-install on my computer following a RAM burn-out and major OS crashes. So I’ve made a list of things I always install on ubuntu before I consider it usable:

  1. Media Players:
    • Amarok – My favourite music player (apt-get install amarok). I use mysql to store my collections. Watch out for a tut on how to do this! Here’s how to do this!
    • totem-gstreamer – Somehow I’ve taken a dislike to gstreamer. I prefer xine instead. (apt-get remove totem-gstreamer)
    • totem-xine – the same totem, with a xine core
    • smplayer – SMplayer is a GUI for mplayer, one of the best media players around. (apt-get install smplayer)
    • vlc media player – I keep this just out of habit — just as good as smplayer, only not as good a GUI (apt-get install vlc)
  2. Utitlities:
    • nmap – nmap is a great network scanner. (apt-get install nmap)
    • Yakuake – Yakuake is what you call a “drop-down terminal”. It requires the use of kde libraries (so does amarok), but all that is taken care of by apt-get. (apt-get install yakuake)
    • wine – Wine helps me run some windoze apps (like counter strike!) on linux. (apt-get install wine)
    • Partition Editor – A great tool to examine and manipulate partitions on your hard drive. (apt-get install gparted)
    • Linux DC++ – A linux client for the DC++ protocol (apt-get install linuxdcpp)
  3. Dev tools:
    • G++ – the C++ development environment (apt-get install g++)
    • manpages-dev – Contains man pages describing the Linux programming interface including Linux system calls and library calls. (apt-get install manpages-dev)
    • Java – I don’t use java a lot, but I still install it. But I dont use the ubuntu package for this (sun-java5-jdk). Instead I download it directly from Sun’s website. This way I can prevent java from “getting into ubuntu’s heart” 😛
  4. Web server stuff:
    • Apache2 – the supreme web server of all earth, water and sky! (apt-get install apache2)
    • PHP5 – my favourite server scripting language. To get this working with apache, we need the php5 apache mod. (apt-get install php5 libapache2-mod-php5)
    • MySQL – The database server of my choice. I also install the mysql module for php to get database access from php. (apt-get install mysql-server-5.0 php5-mysql)
  5. Browsers:
    • Firefox 3 – already available
    • Firefox 2 – This is purely for testing web pages on FF2. I make a separate user (ff2) and install FF2 in a separate folder by downloading the setup from here.
    • Opera – for testing javascript and web pages on opera. Mostly all these browsers are for ensuring cross-browser operation of stuff I make. Download the latest version from here.
    • Konqueror – again for cross-browser stuff. (apt-get install konqueror)
    • ies4linux – This nifty software install the Windows IE 5, 5.5 and 6 on linux. This uses wine and cabextract, so wine must be installed first. (apt-get install wine cabextract). Now ies4linux must be downloaded and installed separately from here.

Well, this is what makes my ubuntu complete. What completes yours?

Delicious add-on: Yes No buttons swapped


Originally uploaded by jrharshath

I use the Delicious Official add-on for firefox extensively. I wonder if anyone has noticed this, or reported this to the delicious guys: the icons on the Yes and No buttons in this confirmation dialog are in the wrong place!

Perhaps its because of this: On a yes-no confirmation dialog in windows (yuck!), the Yes button always appears on the left side of the no button. But in linux, its always the reverse.
While writing the addon, if you specify that the button that means should say “Yes” and the “No” one should say “No”, then there won’t be any such glitches.

However, if you specify that the “Left” button should display “Yes”, this problem occurs. The left button is Yes alright, but the icons displayed are decided by the OS. So the icons kind of become OS dependent. Now we don’t want that, do we?

Linux users, beware of NTFS!

Today while trying to install Real Player for linux, I observed a strange thing:

I downloaded RealPlayer11GOLD.bin from real.com, copied the downloaded file to an NTFS drive that I use for all my storage (remnant of my windows days) and tried to execute it thus:

chmod +x ./RealPlayer11GOLD.bin

But strangely enough, I kept getting

bash: ./RealPlayer11GOLD.bin: Permission denied

I was really confused: this file is executable. I’ve just made it executable. So why wouldn’t It execute? I even tried sudo with it.

I googled the problem, but to no avail. I then realized this: THIS IS AN NTFS DRIVE! There are no “file permissions” in this drive!! I copied the file into my home directory (an ext3 drive) and executed the same commands, and voila! It works!!

All the more reason not to use old school NTFS drives on linux.