“Qt will not be built with xshape support”

I was starting to fool around with Qt just when Qt v4.5 was released.

The first thing to do obviously was to download the source tarball and build it. But the first ./configure command resulted in “Qt will not be built with xshape support”, which was obviously a let-down. To make things worse, when I ignored this message and went on with “make”, the compilation failed with some compilation errors.

So I googled around, and found this:

To solve this problem, install the xorg-dev package.

This is for ubuntu/debian systems. For other distributions, the same may be available under a different package name. I don\’t really know.

And oh, I was reading this online book yesterday, and maybe it will be a great help for people to get started with – Qt 4: Introduction to Design Patterns in C++ with Qt 4

Hope this piece-o-text is a lifesaver for many a baffled Qt starters.